Tor Theatre

Tor Theatre are Angela Laverick and David Reakes.
Founded in 2006 and based in Glastonbury, other productions include:
The Fire Catcher, Cinderella II (Or Buttons Bounces Back), and The Professor Does A Christmas Carol.

The Rum Tale Of The Moonfleet Diamond

Join us for a story of daring-do and dastardly deeds! A tale of ancient mystery and new found love! A triumph of laughter, heartbreak and song!
Get caught up in the adventure as Jennifer and Jonathan strive to discover what really happened to The Moonfleet Diamond!
Help Jonathan to write a love poem. Join in with Jenifer as she sings her favourite song.
And assist Esmeralda (Jenifer’s Great, Great, Great, Great… GREAT Aunt) to… well… to do whatever it is that she does!

The Rum Tale Of The Moonfleet Diamond is a hilarious new family show set in the South West and specially made for festivals and the great outdoors.