The Pirate Puppet Show

by Angel Heart and Rattlebox Theatre

Our swashbuckling hero, Captain Jeramiah Obadiah, has hit hard times….He has no ship and no money for grog or adventure! However, a chance meeting with a group of Nuns propels him into more adventure than you could shake a cutlass at! Will the notorious Whaler, Ezekial Krang, foil Jeramiah’s attempts to save a Wobbly Whale and its stash of treasure? Will Jeramiah ever teach the Nuns to cuss and wield a cannon? And will he ever get Lorraine the Mermaid to stop her dreadful singing?

Inspired by piratical yarns and ‘Michael Bentine’s Potty Time’.

Performed by Dave Oliver and James Richardson.

Puppets and costumes by James Richardson, Lisa Green, Dave Oliver, Julie Burkin.

Running time: A single performance of 45 mins.

Age suitability: For all the family 4 years+

“Their puppets always cause a stir wherever they turn up – at fairs, castles, them parks, historical events or even the green Scythe Fair! Beautifully crafted and skilfully operated, they create a little magic and a lot of laughs wherever they appear.”