Jonathan Weeks

Jonathan Weeks is a collector and player of Medieval and early instruments. His interest in the subject began as an archaeology student in the 1970s. He has lectured widely on the subject since moving to Somerset in the 1990s and has been playing on the 3 holed pipe and drum at public events all over the place.

He now has a collection of over 40 instruments which include the following : reedpipes, shawms, bagpipes, double pipes, bladderpipe, hornpipe, crumhorn, dulzaine, kortholt, flutes, sheepbone whistles, deer bone whistles, gemshorn, double whistles, pipe and tabor, pipe and psalterion, pipe and triangle, medieval recorders, portative organ, cowhorns, conch shells, holed horns, curved cornett, straight cornett, Billingsgate trumpet, slide trumpet, lyre, harp, Arab lute, citole, hurdy-gurdy, tromba marina, rebec, fiddle, psaltery, rommel pot and jews harp.

These are presented as two lectures, usually entitled “ A Blast from the Past pt 1, Medieval woodwind” and pt 2 the Horns and Strings. The talks are always delivered without notes and in a very lively and amusing fashion. The talk can be further boosted with copious digital images of the instruments in their Medieval context.

During the talks Jonathan plays a tune on each instrument ( with varying degrees of proficiency) . He has been giving the talks for at least 25 years, and on at least 2000 occasions!

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